domingo, junho 11, 2006

Mas eu volto

Sim, sim, sim, eu prometo voltar.
Não é caso para tanta tristeza.
São só 8 diazitos sem notícias.

4 comentários:

Kelvin disse...

Hello from a blogger down under in NEW ZEALAND. I was searching through blogs, when your blog popped up. I cannot understand your language, but I like your photos - they are great.

O Bicho disse...

Thanks Kelvin.
The main language is Portugues from Portugal.
Sometimes I put some poems in English, French, Elfic and Esperanto.

O Bicho disse...

Translating the post:

Yes, yes, yes, I promise to be back.
Its not need so much sadness.
It will be only 8 days withou news.

cristina disse...

Superbe, Bicho!
Bom domingo,com muito sol no coraçâo!

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